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Elite have announced two new trainers that will be available from August – the Justo 2 and the Avanti.  In December Elite will release an additional offering named “Square.” Those who pay close attention to the Tour de France may have already spotted the trainers being used by certain teams with the riders of UAE Team Emirates and Groupama FDJ using the Justo 2 to warmup and warm down.  Jayco Alula and Bahrain Victorious are using the Avanti. 

I will look forward to undertaking an in-depth review when the products are available, but in the meantime, I want to highlight some of the key points. 

Justo 2 

The Justo 2 is an upgrade to their premium trainer, the Justo.  The Justo was already an excellent product and Elite have found a way to refine their premium offering even further, bringing it squarely in line with their competitors. 

There are a host of updates such as an upgraded flywheel, which is now heavier and has been designed to “ensure an incredibly smooth and uniform pedal stroke, making every workout a top-tier indoor cycling experience.” 

The trainer comes with Elite’s Flex Feet which is designed to enhance your riding experience by “replicating the natural oscillation of a bike, promoting better muscle engagement and effectiveness during workouts.”  Justo 2 comes with both sets of feet, the red ones offer 7° lateral sway, whilst the black is 4.5°. 

It can generate climbs with gradients up to 24% and its maximum power is 2300 watts.   

However, the biggest upgrade is the WiFi functionality, allowing you to connect to training apps like Zwift.  

The trainer comes ready to ride as it is equipped with a Shimano 105 12-speed cassette, so all you will need to do is literally unbox the trainer, install the Flex Feet, connect your bike and away you go.  Nice and simple.  

For an early view of this product, visit Elite’s website here.  It is priced at €1099 / US$ 1199. 

This trainer is going to be used in the 2024 Esports Cycling World Championships. 


Avanti is Elite’s new trainer.  It is to designed to supersede their Direto XRT and is packed with the latest technology.   

It is equipped with an integrated power meter with a ±1% accuracy and has a power smoothing features for your rides in ERG mode.  It also has a convenient “Easy Start” function designed to facilitate resuming intervals.  Its maximum power is 2100 watts, slightly less that the Justo 2.   

It replicates gradients up to 18% and is compatible with Elite’s Rizer.

Avanti also comes with WiFi, Elite note that “the trainer can now directly connect to your home network, providing smooth data transfer and fast connection for every workout with compatible software.”  One of the advantages of this is that the smart trainer can also automatically update itself without the need for the Upgrado app this is because the smart trainer will check for new firmware updates.

Like the Justo 2, the Avanti is equipped with Flex Feet, but just the black set, which according to Elite is “designed to optimize the authenticity and efficiency of your pedal stroke with a lateral micro-oscillation capacity of 4.5°.” 

For an early view of this product, visit Elite’s website here.  It is priced at €749 / US$ 849. 


Available in Decemeber 2024, Square is a direct competitor to Zwift’s Ride and is currently being showcased at Eurobike from the 3rd July. 

As Elite explains “Square is a smart frame with a virtual shifting system that allows it to replicate major manufacturers (Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo) and fully customise gear ratios and sprockets by the number of the teeth or the chainrings. It offers pre-set profiles for Flat, Climb and Hilly courses, and a sequential shift. It is fully adjustable, offering a total of seven adjustments that make it easy to share with other cyclists if using one single trainer.”  

It has actual gear shifters and the sensation according to Elite is “real” and is operated like you would your outdoor bike.  This is is excellent because it will allow the instant selection of gears, like in real life, which is not always the case with indoor bikes.  

The chain is in fact a belt, which “offers a smooth, uniform pedal stroke, free of noise and vibrations.” The benefit of this is that it is quiet. 

In addition to these key features, the frame is fully adjustable.  There are “seven available adjustments for saddle height, tilt, and fore-aft position, handlebar height and fore-aft position, horizontal tube length, and crank arms.”  This means it can be set-up precisely to your specifications allowing for the most comfortable ride. 

This is also compatible with Elite’s Rizer.

From a visual point of view, it is eye-catching and will certainly prove a conversational piece when people see it. 

For an early view of this product, visit Elite’s website here. It is priced at €1250. 

Summing up 

Elite’s three new products take their offering to the next level.  The Justo 2 with its WiFi brings this product in line with their competitors in terms of hardware, minus the movement functionality, which isn’t an appealing feature and is therefore less expensive.   

The Avanti is Elite’s new mid-range offering, but it is stacked with top end features making it better than most top end trainers of a few years ago, so if you are looking to upgrade, this might be a good value for money option.  Fundamentally, this is what I find most appealing – Elite are offering excellent products that represent value for money.

The Square is certainly filling a gap in the marketplace and is a direct competitor to Zwift’s “Ride”.  With its real-life shifting, the Square might prove to be the answer I have been looking for. Over the years, I have never really been satisfied with smart bikes due to the lack of authentic gear shifting, and from what Elite have explained with the Square, this won’t be a problem.  Furthermore, it is an affordable option, allowing me to replace my bike with this. Personally, I can’t wait to give it a try.