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Flamme Rouge Racing is known for hosting stage races, with their most recent offering being one that lasted 3 weeks.  That is their speciality and Richard Vale, the Event Organiser is one of the few that cater for those that enjoy such an undertaking.

Flamme Rouge Racing is offering another challenging event which has the goal of raising funds for two charities, Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) and Bodie Hodges Foundation (BHF).

About the charities

The money raised will be divided so that Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) and Bodie Hodges Foundation (BHF) will take 70% of the funds raised and the remaining 30% will be split amongst the three teams whose riders complete the most ascents.

Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) is a registered charity founded in 2005 by Mike Grisenthwaite after his five-year battle with blood cancer. CFC provide a unique and highly effective way of helping children with cancer through activity and exercise.

The Bodie Hodges Foundation was formed in 2013, to support families who have been bereaved of a child of any age and to promote organ donation.  Their vision is to give hope to families bereaved of a child by providing a range of services that support grieving families and encourage them to rebuild and remember.

About the event

The event will take place on Saturday 18 May, commencing at 7:00AM BST / 8:00AM CEST.  The event will last 24 hours and will be hosted on the Ven-Top course on Zwift.  As Richard Vale explains “the challenge is to complete as many ascents individually or as a club within the event duration.”  To sign up, click here.

There will be events every hour and the last event will run on Sunday 19 May.

The reason there are events every 30-minutes is because “the challenge is all about the number of ascents not descents” but importantly if you are looking to vEverest then you’ll need to include your descents but since everyone can see and speak to anyone on course then you’ll remain in touch throughout.

You will need to register for the event in order to be included in the results and be counted towards your Team ascent total, you can register here which does require you to have a ZwiftPower account, but as the events are open on Zwift you simply select and join in the day, either way the important point is around raising money for the charities via donations.

Records up for grabs

To make the event even more interesting, there will be records that will be up for grabs, which are as follows:

  • World Record for the most virtual meters climbed in 24 hours by a man and woman (will be submitted to Guinness World records)
  • Men’s and Women’s most completed virtual ascents in 24 hours, including total meters climbed (will be submitted to Guinness World records)
  • FRR vCingles challenge – 3 ascents back-to-back
  • FRR vBiCingles challenge – 6 ascents back-to-back
  • vEverest base – 3 ascents, 2 descents
  • vEverest – 6 ascents, 5 descents
  • vEverest 10k – 7 ascents, 6 descents

Summing up

This is an extremely difficult challenge but is for several outstanding charities so certainly worth undertaking.  I think I could certainly manage one ascent and I admire those who are going to attempt to do this over a 24 hour period – that will certainly take some fortitude.

Richard’s goal is 7 ascents and he would love to see as many as possible in that opening event at 7:00AM BST on May 18.