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Saturday 6th April will see the fourth edition of the Paris-Roubaix Femmes avec Zwift.

Zwift are the official sponsoring partner and are hosting two different races to commemorate the spectacle.

About the events  

There are two different courses to ride of different lengths and difficulty.

The long course, is 145.9km, which only slightly shorter than the women’s course that they will be racing in Paris Roubaix Femmes Avec Zwift.  The event uses Zwift’s France Classic Fondo route, which has an elevation gain of 1099 meters, which indicates how undulating the route is.

If that route is slightly too long, Zwift are offering a slightly shorter route at 73.3km and elevation gain of 321 meters and uses Zwift’s R.G.V route.


To join the event, click here and select the event that best suits.  There are multiple throughout the weekend.