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The Zwift Games is excellent, if you like racing.  And Zwift is well aware that there is a large proportion of the community that don’t, this is where this offering from Zwift plugs the gap.

What is the new event?

Starting on 11th March, the new event “The Zwift Big Spin” is designed to be all about fun.

This event consists for four stages, where upon completion of each stage, there is a prize wheel which spins and a prize in gained for your effort.  For those that have conquered the Alpe du Zwift and have received the bonus wheel, it’s like that, with unique prizes. 

 It would appear that the “Atomic Cruiser” will be the star prize and if you get something that you already have, you will get a bonus in the form of “Drops.”

What are the prizes?

The prizes are as follows:

  1. Tri Spoke and disc wheel 
  • Classic Crew socks 
  • The Zwift Big Spin Shoes 
  • Atomic Cruiser 
  • Sky Blue Helmet 
  • Orange Headphones 
  • A kit for each stage: Makuri Islands, London, New York, France 
  • A world-themed item for each stage

The courses

Two are two choices of route per stage, long and short.  Stage 4, which consists of 2 laps, will see you get two spins for completing the route.  With 8 unique items to win, you will need to ride these events multiple times to get all that is on offer.  The stages are as follows:

Stage 1 – Makuri Islands (March 11th-17th)
Long course: Country to Coastal, 33.5km & 280m elevation
Short course: Suki’s Playground, 18.5km & 150m elevation

Stage 2 – London (March 18th – 24th)
Long course: Keith Hill After Party, 36.7km & 435m elevation
Short course:  Greater London Flat, 17.4km & 98m elevation

Stage 3 – New York (March 25th -31st)
Long course:  NYC KOM After Party, 37.4km & 476m elevation
Short course: Mighty Metropolitan, 20.1km & 321m elevation

Stage 4 – France (April 1st-7th)
Long course:   Casse-Pattes (2 laps), 46.9km & 310m elevation
Short course:  Lutece Express (2 laps), 16.7km & 105m elevation

There will be makeup events from April 8th to April 21st.

Summing up

This will be a nice, fun and social event to participate in, ideal recovery rides for those racing the Zwift Games.  You will have until April 21st to complete the mission and to get started simply register here.