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In December, Zwift announced that it was an official partner of the L’Etape du Tour, a consequence of their relationship with the Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), who host the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes.  The ASO organise the L’Etape du Tour, which is a mass participation cyclosportive that allows amateur cyclists to race over the same closed roads as the Tour de France stage and Zwift are hosting a series of events to support.

Zwift and L’Etape du Tour

Zwift are hosting a L’Etape-inspired Gran Fondo series to get you prepared for the in real life event, which takes place on 7th July, in France.

Zwift states “We’re bringing Europe’s hardest amateur race to the Zwift universe with a L’Etape-inspired Gran Fondo series, running February, March, April, and July. The Virtual L’Etape du Tour kicks off with Prologue rides from Tuesday through Thursday and brings the heat with a Gran Fondo from Friday through Sunday during one week of the month.”


The rides will follow a set format, which include a short prologue, followed by a longer rider of around 60-70km.

The events will take place in Watopia, London and Makuri.  The first event is on 20th February and is a 15.9km ride in Watopia, followed by a 69.9km longer route, which kicks-off on 23rd February.

Mountain Massif, Sportive Breaks and L’Etape du Tour

For those that are interested in undertaking the in real life L’Etape du Tour on 7th July, Mountain Massif have partnered with Sportive Breaks and are able to provide a 5% discount on one of the packages.

To do this, simply click here, and once you select your package use code mountainmassifetape24 to get your discount applied. 

Mountain Massif will be attendance and those which book to stay at the finish (Hotels in Valberg and Beuill) will have an opportunity to connect with the Mountain Massif team.