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For three weeks only, Mountain Massif is hosting a new and innovative event. 

This is a race with a difference – it’s a “Chase Race.”  It will be hosted on the Mountain 8 course, in Watopia, with the finish being 12.1km, at the top of the Radio Tower.

The Concept

The concept is simple, the slowest riders will start first with a 15-minute time advantage over the fastest, with the aim to reach the Radio Tower first, before being caught.

To make it fair, each Category’s advantage will decrease by 5-minutes, over the next.  This is a unique event because do you form a group and work together on the climb, or do you strike out alone?  The choice is yours and will determine the result.

Race to the top of the Radio Tower in this new event!


The first event was hosted on 4th January, and with 100 riders signed up, it made for a dynamic event – groups we scattered across the climb as the intensity increased and agreed alliances evolved as the difficulty of the route increased. I have done “Chase Races” in the past but the climb added a different dimension and was something interesting. Above all, it was a fun experience and something worth trying.

Jersey unlock and sign-up

By completing the event, you will obtain the prestigious Mountain Massif jersey, so join the event by clicking the following the link:

11th January, 5pm GMT / 6pm CET, 12th January, 12am GMT

18th January, 5pm GMT / 6pm CET