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Spanish cyclist, Miguel Induráin, can be considered a cycling legend. This is because during his career, he won the Tour de France five times and the Giro d’Italia twice and is one of only seven cyclists to win the Giro and Tour in the same season.  In addition to that, on 2 September 1994, he set the Hour Record, riding 53.040 km on a custom-built bike by Italian manufacturer, Pinarello.  It was called the “Espada.”

Pinarello Espada

This custom-built time trial bike was designed by Marco Giachi, who worked at Lamborghini’s Formula One team. The time trial bike was designed in the wind tunnel and made from carbon fibre.  According to Pinarello the bike “was a true icon of speed, a bike that ripped up the rule book and redefined what could be achieved on two wheels. When ridden by a special talent like Indurain, it sent a clear message: Fast is everything.”

About the event

This is your chance to relive history and ride the Espada, Pinarello’s iconic time-trial machine that Miguel Induráin used to break the Hour Record, exclusively on Zwift. 

From May 3-5 you can compare your skills to Miguel Induráin’s by trying to keep pace with a new RoboPacer “Big Mig” – the nickname of Miguel Induráin.  The RoboPacer will ride at 6.3 w/kg or 510 watts.  The challenge is to see how long you can keep up. As Zwift states “It’s the perfect chance to set your own hour PR.”  

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