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The events highlighted will focus on climbing, and I can’t resist highlighting the “Big Spin,” which is a hugely fun and popular group ride.

Mountain Massif L’Etape du Tour Training p/b Sportive Breaks

Mountain Massif is heading to the L’Etape du Tour and have partnered with Sportive Breaks to provide you with the opportunity to ride the event – if you haven’t read the article, click here. 

To prepare for the event, a series of training rides are being hosted and this week Ven-Top is being tackled.

Date: Friday 29 March
Time: 8:00AM GMT / 9:00AM CET
Sign-up here.

L’Etape du Tour Main Stage: March

Zwift are hosting monthly rides to help people prepare for the L’Etape du Tour.  This month, the racing takes place in London, using the London Pretzel route, which totals 56.2km. 

Date: Friday 29 – Sunday 31 March
Time: Multiple times during the day
Sign-up to the 10:00AM GMT event here.

Cycling Canada Saturday Fundo

Canada Cycling are innovative and utilising the Out and Back course, you can determine how far you want to ride by signing up to the appropriate category.  If you want a long ride, signup to Cat A which is 50km, but if you only have time for a shorter ride, signup to Cat D, which is 20km – there are all distances in between.

Date: Saturday 30 March
Time: 4:05PM GMT / 5:05PM CET
Sign-up here.

The Zwift Big Spin 2024 – Stage 3

This week the adventure takes place in New York, the longer route is hosted on the NYC Kom After Party route, which totals 37km, with 476m of elevation.  The shorter route, hosted on the Mighty Metropolitan route is 20.5km with 321m of elevation.  The climbs on that route are particularly sharp.

Overall, a fun event, where sadly I still haven’t managed to win the big prizes of the wheels or bike.    

Date: Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 March
Time: Hourly.