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Zwift Release 1.59 will launch on Tuesday, February 20th at approximately 16:00 UTC (16:00 GMT).

There are some nice additions coming in this update. 

New features

The big new feature is Player Highlight.   This is a halo, that will appear around your avatar when in a large crowd, so you don’t get lost in the pack.

This will also be for ride leaders and those being fan viewed, and friends (up to 5 at a time).

In addition, when signing up for an event in Zwift, the event’s route name is now displayed in the sidebar.


There are some amendments with Robopacers which is when riding in small Robopacer groups, the area in which Drops multipliers work, has been increased.

You will now have a longer period of time to re-join the group before losing your Drops multiplier.

Tech features

There is a new an option in the Settings menu that allows Zwifters with Elite or Jetblack steering devices to enable or disable the “use steering to select intersections” feature, which is enabled by default.


There are a number of fixes which are as follows:

Fixed an issue where the color selector would not appear when customizing your avatar’s hair, body, and facial hair.

Fixed an issue where some running shirts did not appear properly on smaller body types.

Fixed an issue that could cause seals to float in midair on the Beach Island Loop route in Watopia.

Fixed an issue that could cause the Tacx Neo Road Feel setting to appear for devices that don’t support this feature.

Fixed an issue that could potentially cause a “Did Not Finish” result to incorrectly be displayed in the Zwift activity feed after completing a race event.

Fixed an issue that could cause the distant mountains in Innsbruck to appear to wiggle on the horizon.