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Zwift take centre stage this weekend with some of their own events to ride.  Here are this weekend’s highlights.

Zwift Women’s Racing Series – SCRATCH – Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop

Zwift have launched a Women’s only racing series.  The is the second event of 8.  Don’t worry if you have missed the first because only your top 6 position counts.  This is because it is a points event where you are scored on where you finish. 

There are already a few riders who have signed up, so this is an ideal opportunity to give racing a try, if you haven’t done so before. 

Date:  Saturday 11 May
Time: 3:30PM BST / 4:30PM CEST
Sign-up here.

Zwift Epic Race – 2022 Cycling eSports World Championship Route

Zwift are hosting their Epic Race on the 2022 eSports World Championship course.  The men’s event was won by Jay Vine, a previous winner of the Zwift Academy.  The finish involves a short but explosive climb, so be sure to save your legs for that.  This will a tough 80-90 minute workout.        

Date: Saturday 11 May

Time: 1:00PM BST / 2:00PM CEST
Sign up here.

LEQP Provence Badge Hunter Series

Riding with LEQP Provence and undertaking their ‘Badge Hunting’ rides is fun.  When I first started on Zwift, I would regularly ride this event.  It’s well led and certainly the best way to tackle some of the more challenging routes, collecting the route badge along the way.  This weekend they are tackling the Zwift Games 2024 Epic course.  If you haven’t ridden this course, this is a nice way to complete the route.

Date:  Sunday 12 May
Time: 7:30AM BST / 8:30PM CEST
Sign-up here.