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The Norsemen is hosting a charity ride for cancer, which is certainly the number one event to support. Zwift’s new Spring Training has some good sessions to tackle, so there is plenty of different events to try this weekend.

Norseman Charity Mini-Marathon & Norseman Charity Marathon 12 Hour

There are two events to highlight, both raise money for cancer.  More information about the cause can be read here

The Norseman Charity Mini-Marathon is a one-hour ride on the Mountain Route in Watopia which unlocks the white Norsemen jersey. 

This event is hourly on Saturday 20 April, starting at 7:00AM BST / 8:00AM CEST

Date:  Saturday 20 April
Time: 7:00AM BST / 8:00AM CEST and then hourly.
Sign-up here.

Starting at 7:00AM BST / 8:00AM CEST is the Norseman Charity Marathon 12 Hour.  This event lasts 12 hours and is hosted on the Four Horsemen course, which is 89.3km long and involves 2112 meters of climbing and probably the only section to rest would be on the descent from Alpe du Zwift!

Date:  Saturday 20 April
Time: 7:00AM BST / 8:00AM CEST
Sign-up here.

Workout 1 | Sweet Spot Foundation | Spring Training

I am a big advocate of structured training.  Zwift are hosting structured training sessions of varying lengths from 15th April until 2nd June.  These first sessions consist of ramped efforts.  The longer session is 48 minutes, which consists of 3 ramped efforts lasting 10 minutes, whilst the shorter session is 29 minutes long.  

These events are hosted hourly.

Date:  Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 April
Time: 8:00AM BST / and hourly.
Sign-up here.

FRR Sunday Drive

FRR stands for “Flamme Rouge Racing.”  Flamme Rouge Racing host long stage races.  They have recently hosted their World Tour event which consisted of 21 stages, equalling that of a Grand Tour. 

Fortunately, this is just a shorter ride to enjoy, so sign up and see what there is on offer.

Date:  Sunday 21 April
Time: 11:35AM BST / 12:35PM CEST
Sign-up here.