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There are a selection of longer rides to tackle this weekend, including probably one of the toughest time trials you can attempt on Zwift, an ascent up the Ven-Top!

Espada Challenge

Pinarello were one of the first bikes in Zwift, in 2014 and they have a longstanding relationship.  Pinarello have even designed some custom Zwift bikes to ride in real life with unique colouring! Therefore it’s no surprise that the two powerhouses in the cycling industry have teamed up again and are hosting an event.  It’s a good one and a detailed look at the event can be read here.

If you don’t have time to read the extended article, a quick summary is that it is an event to see how long you can ride with “Big Mig” who is a RoboPacer based on five-times Tour de France winner, Miguel Induráin – your tasks is simple, see how long you can keep pace, but he will be going about 6 w/kg.  So, in my, case not long…….

Date:  Friday 3 – Sunday 5 May
Time: Multiple
Sign-up here

Zwift Epic Race – Zwift Bambino Fondo 2022

Zwift are hosting their Epic Race on the Bambino Fondo course.  Every time I ride a Fondo, it turns into a race, this time there is no mistake, this is an official race.   

Date: Saturday 4 May
Time: 11:00AM BST / 12:00PM CEST
Sign up here.

Mt. Fuji Dojo Series HCTime Trial

For those that have been undertaking the training sessions that have been hosted, connected to this event, this is a chance to check your progress by tackling a time trial.  There are two routes, Ven-Top and Alpe du Zwift.  Interestingly, the KOM for Ven-Top is the Mont Ventoux KOM (distance: 19km), which closely approximates the actual Mt. Fuji Hill Climb time.

Date:  Saturday 4 May
Time: 12:00PM BST / 1:00PM CEST
Sign-up here.

Date:  Sunday 5 May
Time: 12:00PM BST / 1:00PM CEST
Sign-up here.

Bear Mountaineers do Climb

These group led rides have been created by the Bear Mountaineers, to help their riders get ready to climb Bear Mountain in New York, USA.  Their Facebook group can be joined here.  They note that they are “a group of cyclists who enjoy Centuries (miles) and Endurance Rides with challenging climbs either outdoors (to Bear Mountain or the like) or indoors on Zwift.”

Their event will be hosted on the London Pretzel course.

Date:  Sunday 5 May
Time: 1:10PM BST / 2:10 PM CEST
Sign-up here.