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I have selected a blend of long rides as well as a time trial, thrown in for good measure, to tempt you over the weekend.

Mt. Fuji Dojo Series HCTime Trial

This event is a mountain time trial up the mighty Ven-Top, which is 20.9km in length.  If you can manage to maintain an average of 5 watts k/g then you will be in with a chance of summitting in under an hour.  This a difficult climb where the lower slopes are particularly unrelenting, and key to success is pacing your effort. To simply finish this route is an achievement.

Date: Saturday 6 April & Sunday 7 April
Time: 12:00PM BST / 1:00 CEST
Sign-up here & here.

LEQP Provence Badge Hunter Series

The L’Equipe Provence Badge Hunter Series is genuine fun.  It’s a steady group ride which has the purpose of tackling the longer routes and helping people collect those more challenge route badges.  This ride tackles the 47.7km Achterbahn route in Innsbruck. 

Date: Sunday 7 April
Time: 7:30AM BST / 8:30AM CEST
Sign-up here.

Castelli 2024 Fondo

Castelli host excellent group rides, on this occasion they are hosting a Fondo.  Who doesn’t love a good Fondo?  There are three routes to choose from, with the longest being 98km, which if you decide to tackle, will be a good few hours in the saddle.

Date: Sunday 7 April
Time: 9:00AM BST / 10:00AM CEST
Sign-up here.