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It’s the start of a new season, which means that an update to the existing Mountain Massif clothing line was required, to incorporate our new partners TrainingPeaks and Sportive Breaks.

The updated Mountain Massif line

Given that the line of clothing only came into existence in 2023 and that it mirrors the jersey used in-game, in Zwift (which has only been updated recently to include the Mountain Massif logo), a decision was made to work with Nopinz to update the existing design to include the new partners, as opposed to undertake a redesign.  The jersey which exactly matches the one used in-game in Zwift is the Superlight jersey.

Below are a selection of pictures of the updated jersey.  The full range can be view in the Mountain Massif Club Shop here

About Nopinz

The main offering from Nopinz is the SpeedPocket™, a patented and distinctive pocket that enhances performance and aerodynamics while also making attaching your race number simpler.

Since its modest beginnings, the firm has grown from producing its patented SpeedPocket™ to creating cutting-edge apparel for cyclists of all skill levels, including a specialized line dubbed “Sub Zero” for indoor riding that tackles the problem of cooling.

Based in Devon, UK, the company has grown rapidly over the past 18 months. In order to meet demand, they relocated to a second location, where they are currently developing and manufacturing their garments, by hand. 

One of its unique features is it’s “Club Shop.”

The Mountain Massif Club Shop

Mountain Massif has a complete range of cycling apparel manufactured by hand, in the UK.  What this means is that if you want any item of clothing, Nopinz will be able to provide them.  The advantages of the shop are:

  • No minimum orders.
  • Industry short lead times (28 working days).
  • Made to order process.
  • A simple online ordering process for your members.
  • Delivered straight to the customer (worldwide).
  • Reorder at any time with no restrictions or order windows.

Summing up

Without doubt, Nopinz make quality garments.  They are well respected within the industry and are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to designing and manufacturing clothing, this is in part because all items are handmade by an experienced workforce.  It is for these reasons Mountain Massif selected Nopinz to manufacture their cycling apparel.