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The 2024 Zwift Games has seen the inaugural champions crowned and here is a round-up of the winners.

Elite Women

Sprint Championship – Kathrin Fuhrer 

Epic Championship – Kathrin Fuhrer 

Climb Championship – Illi Gardner 

Wahoo Overall Classification – Kathrin Fuhrer 

Elite Men

Sprint Championship – Michał Kamiński 

Epic Championship – Neal Fryett 

Climb Championship – Freddy Ovett 

Wahoo Overall Classification – Freddy Ovett


To watch the very best riders on Zwift in action, you can watch the below videos.

Summing up

The Zwift Games has embodied competitive racing. And for Freddy Ovett and Kathrin Fuhrer it has proved to be quite lucrative. With Freddy picking up $17,000 in prize money and Kathrin $24,000, which might be enough to buy a new bike or two.

With the addition of new courses to ride and race, I would say that the entire community has benefited. The races have been well attended and the standard of racing at the community level has been competitive and pushed riders to new limits so overall the Zwift Games in my opinion can be considered a success.