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Version 1.61 of Zwift has begun being rolled out to users on March 19th

Like the previous update, there are a serious of fixes and feature updates.  The feature updates could be classified as “major” and “minor,” with two major updates being implemented.

Major Feature updates

  • Race results are now accessible via the web, offering a similar level of convenience as Zwift Companion app race results. To view this:
  1. Log into Zwift via the web.
  2. Click “My Feed” so you only see your events.
  3. Scroll to the event that you want to check the results on and click into it.
  4. Scroll down and the race results will be viewable.
  • Five new, efficient workouts between 25 and 35 minutes long in the “New Workouts” collection. These are called:
    • Elevate and Escalate
    • Interval Power Play
    • Resilience Ride
    • Speed Surge
    • Terrain Toner

Minor Feature updates

  • When selecting a RoboPacer from the Home screen, the current location of the RoboPacer is now easier to see on the route map.
  • Improved the performance of the Zwift Tri Spoke and Disc wheelset which can be unlocked by participating in The Zwift Big Spin event.
  • Pressing the Continue button on the post-ride Streaks screen now immediately dismisses the screen.


There are numerous fixes to reported bugs which include:

  • Fixed an issue where some route cards didn’t have images on the home screen.
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause a Did Not Finish (DNF) result when racing on routes “The Muckle Yin” in Scotland and “Legends and Lava” in Watopia.
  • Zwift Click: Fixed an issue that could cause Zwift Click to not automatically reconnect on the Pairing screen during new sessions.
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause a crash when loading worlds on lower-performance mobile devices.
  • Fixed a potential issue in the Pairing screen where cycling devices could appear in Run mode and running devices could appear in Ride mode.
  • (Android, macOS) Fixed an issue that could potentially cause a crash when riding in large groups.

Summing up 

It’s nice to have some new workouts to try and the additional visibility of “Results” completes the picture in terms of being able to view your data. I would like to see the new routes that have been introduced in the Zwift Games made available, hopefully that will be in the next update.