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The big update in the latest release of Zwift will enable you to customise your avatar.  According to Zwift, “You can now choose any body type you want in the customization screen.”

The design of the avatar is supposed to better match the graphics in game, which is interesting as I never thought the avatars looked out of place, so it will be interesting to see this implemented.

Other updates involve fixes to the performance of the game, which include: 

  • Improved the accuracy of cumulative climbing stats shown on the Ride Streaks screen.
  • Added an option in the Settings menu that allows Zwifters with Elite or Jetblack steering devices to enable or disable the “use steering to select intersections” feature, which is enabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue where, after spectating runners via “Just Watch” mode and selecting “Back to Me”, Zwifters could potentially start in Ride mode instead of Run mode.
  • Fixed missing localized text for some languages in the Repack Rush report.
  • Corrected a typo occurring in some languages in the “Let’s Get Moving” workout.
  • On Android, theissue where tall socks may not be displayed properly on avatars in the Garage in resolved.

As with Zwift releases, it will be a rolling one and the first tranche of users can expect to receive this on Tuesday, February 13th at approximately 16:00 UTC.