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Zwift’s new approach to updating the platform on regular basis is ensuring we are continuing getting nice, incremental improvements and release 1.60 is no exception.

Version 1.60 will be rolled out on March 5th at 16:00 UTC. 

Ride On Bombs 

“Ride On Bombs” are the main focus of this update and are now more visual and you can clearly see who is impacted by your encouragement.

Using Zwift Play controllers simply press and hold the Z-button, or in the Zwift Companion map view, you can tap the white circle surrounding your orange arrow icon on the map to use the feature.

Ride Streak

The popular Ride Streak feature has been refined and now automatically closes itself after a period of time. 


There are numerous fixes to reported bugs which include:

  1. Fixing issue where routes with minimum level requirements were not correctly locked in the Route selection screen.
  2. Fixing issue that could potentially award The Big Ring route badge after completing a different route.
  3. Apples Watch connectivity issues resolved.
  4. Fixed an issue that could cause some rocks to flicker in Watopia.

Summing up 

So, a minor enhancement along with fixes to troublesome issues.  Approaching Quarter 2, it’s evident that with plenty of good events in the pipeline, it would be interesting to learn what Zwift have in store for the platform in terms of new functionality.